My first talk of the year

I know its been a while but here in May I did my first talk this year. Actually I havent done a presentation in front of a larger crew for more than 5 years or so. So I was a bit rusty – but it was a great kick and a lot of fun!

It was a meetup around Resilient Architectures and I had a talk about “War Stories from the deployment trenches“. My presentation was divided into multiple subjects:

  • History around delpoyment mechanisms through time and why/how it have developed
  • Key findings
  • Building PEREs new platform
  • Immutable Infrastructures & Continues Deployments (CD)
  • Demo simple immutable strategy and deployment

Everything went fine (also the demo!= and it was ag great meetup with people having a lot of questions and wanted to discuss afterwards.

You can see the full presentation HERE.

But my simple keyfinding and recommendations  are these:

  • Use General Agile principels in your organization
  • Do not optimize prematurely (“Premature optimization is the root of all evil” (Donald Knuth)
  • Avoid complexity – KISS –
  • Version everything!
  • Use Deployment as Code
  • Go immutable with your infrastructure
  • Commit Often, Push once
  • F*ck it, ship it! – use feature enables if possible
  • Have monitoring and KPIs on everything on your platform
  • Tune it!

I was really fun talking about this subject and i have the gut feeling that I am going to have more presentations around this subject in the near future. I will for sure do more presentations this year.

The meetup and notes can be found here:


-All the best!


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