One goal achieved!

I had many goals for 2019 – one of them was to read and write a bit more.When you look a my bookshelf you would probably think that the books I am reading at the moment would be something really technical – but it’s actually not. Lately (last 3-5 years) I have begun to have more and more interest into personal selfdevelopment, optimizing work, team development, organization pshycology etc.  And thats why I lately have been reading these two books:


Both books are quite hands on and fit the way I think. I am a strong beliver in remote working and all the methologies that follows. Most of the methods were already know to me but its always nice to brush up and have it in the front of your mind. Also I quite a big fan of the ways DHH do work at his company Basecamp.


Design sprints is quite awesome and really a methology I would like to follow more when building new products. The only hard thing about this “procedure” is that all the members (your co-workers) have to be aligned on using the same methology and be all in – otherwise its quite hard to achieve a design sprint in 4-5 days.  After the book I’ve been inspired to participate in some meetups regarding this.