New Year – New Goals!

So we have entered 2019 – and happy new year!

Every year I set myself new goals. and this year will be the same. My goals are everything from personal development, technical skills, and others. Its related to my work (CTO in, my personal life and in general relations to others (friends etc.)

Here are my top 10 goals for 2019.

Personal development

  • Be more focused when with my kids. When I am off – I am off!
  • Read more and read more often. I love to read but I am bad in finishing a book. So I will at least finish 5-8 good books this year (mainly business and tech books).
  • Be more fit – improve my general lifestyle (eat better and stay in shape in fitness center + biking more)
  • Even though I see my self as a person that is getting things done – I still feel I could be even more optimal here. More Getting Things Done (GTD) for all my projects this year.
  • Work even more on my growth mindset. Writing and reading more will help me with that.
  • Excel in leading people. Right now I feel that I am good in this – but I would like to become a master in this! – also reading, writing and having a lot of conversations will help here. I love the word leader, I hate the word manager and resource!
  • Pursue more remote work – for my self and for my employees. Will be made default in 2019!

Technical goals

  • Learn more and be even better in Data Analytics regarding startup businesses. Right now I have setup Grafana for metrics and KPIs, I would also like to setup Tableau for dynamic drill-down analytics etc.
  • Even though I am quite robust in Amazon Web Services (AWS) – I would like to become an expert in AWS and many of their services there.
  • Transform our web app into a PWA app – and learn to be better in optimizing it – with state management and caching/service workers.

I know that goals for a whole year are quite hard to do – like developing kanban style and doing a roadmap. Some might be realized and some might not due to new focus etc. But this is my roadmap for 2019!



Stay calm and focused out threre!


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